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 Shanghai ShanSheng Industrial&trade Development Co.Ltd. is a LED light enterprise .Which is in professional research and development, production and sales of high grade fashion modern acrylic LED light business.We develop and manufacture the products include panel lamp of office lighting, technology lighting chandeliers, ceiling, wall, mirror front, table, floor, those are acrylic LED lamps. Company¡¯s acrylic LED craft lighting used in; institutions, hospitals, schools, kinder gardens and house lighting. This is the best choice for lighting. Series of lighting lamps with distinctive personalized art is the pursuit of idea, publicizing the forward looking design concept, pragmatic innovation to create their own distinctive products and corporate culture.
 Company LED acrylic lamps saving energy rate is high, green environmental production. LED lamps has a long service life and low depreciation. The whole light can used for a long time. Maintenance cost is very low, safe and convenient, can be used for a long time for emergency lighting. Quick start, no flicker, no adverse glare to avoid the traditional fluorescent lamb caused by dazzling, visual fatigue and line of sight inference,heat or cold room temperature is optional, light uniformity light color purity, no overlapping image and more in advantages.
  At the moment, the company¡¯s research and development team according to market demand, the developing of the office lighting panel lamp the power emergency lighting circuit of, as well as the application of infrared automatic control line lighting. These development and utilization is a large extent of saving energy consumption, satisfied to the costumers.
  The enterprise obedience to the integrity and pragmatic business philosophy to share; high quality, safety, the lowest Carbon, the most simple, the most distinguished, the classic products to the masses of the users, moved to the masses of users with the best quality after sales-service. 

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